Group Takaful Plan for Health Care

  • Mohd Ma’Sum Billah


Takaful Malaysia provides two products under its hospital and surgical cover plans: Takaful Medical and Takaful Hawa. Both products deal with hospital and surgery expenses for the participants and family members. Through Takaful Medical, participants will be covered for hospital fees and surgery expenses. While in Takaful Hawa, participants also will be covered for hospital and surgery expenses but with a focus more on cancer and related diseases. As we know, nowadays women are easily infected by cancer, therefore Takaful Hawa is specially designed for women. These plans do not cover pre-existing illness (unless specifically mentioned otherwise) and those normally excluded under any health plan, such as maternity, related treatment, dental, mental illness, cosmetic surgery, alcohol or drug abuse, congenital abnormalities and all illnesses that commence within the waiting period of 30 days, except for accident-related injuries.

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