Introductory: An Overview

  • M. Ashraf Adeel
Part of the Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures book series (SCPT, volume 29)


This chapter is a brief overview of the basic theses of the book. It points to the ideas of epistemic responsibility and intellectual virtue as they are presupposed or implied by the Qur’ānic verses. It is noted that analysis of the concept of ignorance and taqwā brings out the centrality of intellectual conscientiousness for the Qur’ānic view of knowledge. The epistemic state of understanding is similarly linked with taqwā or epistemic conscientiousness. Finally wisdom is said to result from the reflection of holistic understanding upon itself for sharpening intellectual and moral conscience or taqwā.


Epistemic responsibility Intellectual virtue taqwā or intellectual conscientiousness Wisdom 

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