Car Production and the Four Phases of European Integration, 1958–2017

  • A. J. Jacobs


This chapter lays the groundwork for the book’s Belgian and Spanish case study chapters by examining the evolution of European car production through four phases of European Integration: (1) ‘The EEC-6 Years, 1958–1972’, which outlines some of the major events occurring during the European Economic Community’s (EEC’s) initial six-member nation years; (2) ‘The EEC Expands and Evolves, 1973–1989’, which chronicles the EEC’s enlargement to 9 and then 12 members, and compares passenger car output in Western Europe and the Soviet-led Eastern Bloc; (3) ‘Reshaping the EU’s Car Production Footprint, 1989–2001’, which contrasts output in WE with that in Central-Eastern Europe in Southeastern Europe during initial decade-plus following the fall of the Berlin Wall/breakup of the Eastern Bloc; and (4) ‘The Eastward Shift of Europe’s Automobile Production Footprint, 2001–2017’, which updates the comparison for the ‘Three Areas of Europe’ through 2017.


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