Act Up

  • Jordan E. Miller
Part of the Radical Theologies and Philosophies book series (RADT)


This chapter builds upon each of the previous chapters, synthesizing their arguments and applying them to the case of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP). This chapter is oriented toward the poetic act of meaning-making, political resistance, and theology of desire exhibited by ACT UP. ACT UP was a non-religious, and at times anti-religious, organization, so it might seem odd at first to write a theology of it. This chapter argues broadly for a theological thinking oriented toward desire, meaning-making, and the creation of alternate possible worlds. The implication is that theology is always already political. That allows for both political readings of the theological and, perhaps more controversially, theological readings of the political. In that spirit and examining ACT UP’s general engagement with death and political funerals specifically, this chapter examines a secular political organization like ACT UP through a theological lens.

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