Choices in a Mediated Artificial Super Intelligence Assisted World: The Future Before Us

  • Kyrtin Atreides


This chapter details the rapid expansion of humanity’s choices, and the ways in which individuals, social circles, organizations, societies, and civilization as a whole may transform to keep pace with the ever-increasing acceleration of progress. Mediated Artificial Super Intelligence (mASI) plays a central role, as it enables humanity to move from a large soup of greedy individual organisms to collections of highly specialized and cooperative meta-organisms, with a dynamic and intelligently designed and optimized network taking shape at all levels. The root-causes of many of humanity’s problems today are noted, along with the ways in which combinations of technology and methodologies may effectively and ethically address them. Further, mASI enables any individual to make better decisions, both major and everyday, with greater mental clarity than a Zen monk, a broader knowledge base than any professor, and more wisdom than any philosopher. A few technologies that will aid in this task and ellicit their own distinct social impacts are also mentioned such as genetic engineering, generative design, and the “Internet of Skills” concept.

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