Imagination and Transhumansim

  • Sylvester Geldtmeijer


Imagination is powerful and sometimes overlooked. The fact that we are capable of imagination gives us great potential. As children we were all imaginative. Daydreaming is something we all did; we invented games and created certain social interactions, rules, and stories. Our fantasies and creativity brought us the ideas and inventions that some thought we couldn’t attain, but we did. We imagined cities, medicine, food, cultures, and systems. Although we are all very human, we tend to use big scientific words to promote any form of techno-optimism or futurism – jargon that cannot always be understood and requires a lot of technical and professional background. But imagination does not require that; it simply requires the capacity of imagine. Imagination is when we think of something that is not yet real but could be, or think of something that we desire but that isn’t there yet. That is imagination. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and pursue an approach which is less academic in our explanations but that stems more from our enthusiasm that arises from our imagination. Is it not true that all that is invented originates from our creativity? Therefore we must continue imagining even though it seems so child-like.

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