Pragmatic Paths in Transhumanism

  • Jeffrey Zilahy


Sharing some of the habits, tools and resources of a modern Transhumanist. As modern biological beings, we don’t think of ourselves as impressed by much but the collective pace of worldwide technological innovation is persistently astonishing. In the center of this wondrous world of technical progression resides the movement and philosophy known as transhumanism. This diverse and evolving field has an ever- growing body of theoretical research but what about a pragmatic approach for individuals? What can you do today in the way of practical applications to find your rightful place in this exciting movement? What are the possible implications for you and even the greater cosmos by adopting a transhumanist posture? The answers to these types of questions are not wholly objective and thus will always vary depending on the person and their particular opportunities and interests. There are qualities, habits and even tools however that are universal in nature to all transhumanists and these can serve as a baseline for anyone interested in becoming human+.

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