Design of Public Transit System for Aurangabad City

  • Chetan LimkarEmail author
  • Rahul Kapse
  • Shrikrishna Gosavi
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Transportation is an important one as far as the growth of a particular city is considered. Public transport in most Indian cities is rapidly deteriorating because of increasing travel demand and inadequate transportation system. Aurangabad is one of the essential administrative districts in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state. Near about 219 Sq. Km urban sectors with a population near about 1,228,300 as up to the year 2018. This creates an increase in no of two-four wheelers on roads which leads to a fatal accident on the way. BRTS is superior to another transportation system which provides knowledge about automated vehicle location system and also being flexible, easily accessible and cost-effective being able to transport a large number of people. For implementation purpose to know there is a need for BRTS or not, various data such as accident data, interview of people and driver for what problem they face, various traffic studies are carried out.




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  • Rahul Kapse
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  • Shrikrishna Gosavi
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