Structural Behavior Analysis of RC Bubble Beam

  • Avinash B. KokareEmail author
  • Vidya G. Kalebag
  • Revannath Salunkhe
Conference paper


Bubble beam is the beam in which some amount of concrete is replaced by plastic hollow bubbles which are made by using the waste plastic material, which decreases the self-weight of the structure. The main effect of a plastic sphere is to decrease the dead load of the deck by 1/3 in comparison to a solid beam having the same thickness without affecting its deflection behavior & bending strength. It locks spheres between the top and bottom reinforcement meshes, thereby creating a natural cell structure, acts as a solid beam. The main objective of the project is to study Shear Stress & Bending Stress of Bubble Reinforced Concrete Beams with Web Reinforcement. For this study, the available data has been clustered according to a number of bubbles.


Hollow sphere bubble Bubble beam Flexural strength Two-point loading 


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  • Avinash B. Kokare
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    Email author
  • Vidya G. Kalebag
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  • Revannath Salunkhe
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  1. 1.SVERIs College of EnginneringPandharpurIndia
  2. 2.SVERI’s, College of Engineering (Polytechnic)PandharpurIndia

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