Anti-corruption Tabloid Journalism in Algeria

  • Brian Chama


Brian provides insights into Algeria arguing that the country faces rampant corruption at all levels of government institutions. He looks at the struggles of popular tabloid newspapers and their role in exposing financial mismanagement of public funds. Brian discusses El Watan tabloid newspaper and its impact in exposing corruption. He looks at the East-West Highway scandal initially estimated to cost around US$7 billion but swallowed over US$20 billion with a sizeable amount going to bribes. He also provides insights into the Sonatrach corruption scandal which shook Algeria’s state-owned oil and gas company leading to its Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Meziane and his senior management team being forced out for awarding contracts without competition, after receiving millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks to win contracts. Brian concludes that corruption in Algeria thrives because there is no serious vigilance by anti-corruption institutions and agencies including lack of government commitment.


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