Corruption and Tabloid Journalism in Cameroon

  • Brian Chama


Brian explains that corruption in Cameroon is deeply rooted in government institutions. He discusses the anti-corruption tabloid journalism noting that the tabloid newspapers are critical platforms in discussing the culture of impunity when it comes to corruption. Brian explores the Albatross affair in which former Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2013 for embezzlement following the purchase at great expense, a presidential aircraft with serious mechanical flaws on its maiden flight. He discusses the SNH scandal and tabloid journalist Germain Cyrille Ngota, the editor of Cameroon Express who died in his cell in Kondengui Prison while following a scandal in which millions of dollars were looted to purchase an offshore service ship. Brian concludes that corruption is endemic in the country and increases poverty levels, and it is within this context that tabloid newspapers play a very critical role.


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