Case Study 7: A Community Garden in Hackney: Transformation of a Neighbourhood Through Interreligious Activity

  • Julia Ipgrave


The community garden project that is the subject of this case study reports on a ‘side-by-side’ interreligious project that brings together neighbours from different religions and ethnicities to create a garden in a neglected corner of a social housing estate in the London borough of Hackney. The garden is a striking case of a process of meaning-making by which, through human action, a ‘space’ becomes a ‘place’. It is an example of the combination of perception or vision (minds) and physical experience with space (bodies) that is central to the research interest of the spatial dimension section of this project. The study follows closely the thinking and experience of the place of the initiator and facilitator of the garden project. It shows how in his understanding the transformation of a space is linked to transformation of community and that transformation process is one of redemption.


Community Garden Transformation Vision Physical experience Side-by-side 

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  • Julia Ipgrave
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