A Case of Flail MV, Review of Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease

  • Atooshe Rohani
Part of the Clinical Cases in Cardiology book series (CCC)


This is a case of mitral valve prolapse with severe mitral regurgitation: Echocardiographically MVP is defined as billowing of mitral valve leaflets (any portion of leaflet) ≥2 mm below the annular plane in long axis view (para-sternal or apical three-chamber) TTE.


Mitral valve prolapse Severe mitral regurgitation Flail mitral valve 

Supplementary material

Movie 9.1

Para-sternal long axis, TTE shows prolapse of posterior leaflet (AVI 16028 kb)

Movie 9.2

Para-sternal long axis, TTE shows severe MR (AVI 12841 kb)

Movie 9.3

Apical view shows severe eccentric anteriorly directed MR jet (AVI 41124 kb)


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