Metallic MV Paravalvular Leak

  • Atooshe Rohani
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Paravalvular leak can lead to heart failure, infective endocarditis and hemolytic anemia. This is a 55 year-old man with a history of Mitral valve replacement (MVR) who developed dyspnea and hemolytic anemia. TTE and TEE demonstrated severe paravalvular leakage. (PVL)


Paravalvular leak hemolytic anemia TTE 

Supplementary material

Movie 14.1

TEE 50 degree, 2 chamber view shows paravalvular (AVI 404 kb)

Movie 14.2

Area of Dehiscence of metallic valve clearly seen by 3d TEE 112 degree midesophageal view(red arrows) (AVI 456 kb)


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