Serbia and Salonika

  • Adrian Thomas
  • Francis Duck
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The Girton and Newnham Unit established their hospital in Gevgheli, Serbia. Edith wired up the electric supply for lighting and X-ray equipment. Casualties arrived from the retreating Serbian army. The weather deteriorated, with a biting wind and freezing temperatures. Within a month the hospital was abandoned, and they returned to Salonika. Uncertainty about their future gave rise to an acrimonious meeting between Edith and Louise McIlroy. By early January the Unit had been re-established on swampy land near the sea. With little need for radiology, Edith set up an electrotherapy department, using her high-frequency equipment for electrocautery and deep heating and improvising radiant heat applicators and mechanical exercise machines. News of the April uprising in Dublin caused concern. The summer was hot and insect-ridden, with much staff sickness. Edith returned home in September 1916, after helping to establish X-ray equipment in Ostrovo. At home, she was critical of the design of a new SWH X-ray van. Edith returned to Salonika for a further 6 months from February 1917 but failed to secure war office agreement to become a radiologist in a military hospital. Edith was awarded the Order of St Sava. She left, with Mallett, in July.


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