Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Make Democracy Irrelevant?

  • Ronald M. Glassman


There are scientists who are warning us that the AI machines can outthink homo sapiens. There are supercomputers who can beat any chess champion and take over the management of the electrical grid, the internet, and industrial production. These AI machines can “think,” in that they can make decisions that they are programmed for. But, they do not have consciousness, they do not have a self-aware self, they do not desire anything. In the near future, the AI machines will do what their algorithms tell them to do – and human scientists make up the algorithms. The AI machines, however, can make giant mistakes, if they are controlling the operating systems of the modern economy and communications grids. So, humans must be vigilant in overseeing their functioning and their programming. In the far future, the AI machines may be designed like the human brain. If this occurs, the machines will have a conscious self, and might want to dominate humans – but this is, as yet, science fiction.

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