Interacting with Humans, Aliens, and Others in Science Fiction from Québec

  • Isabelle Fournier
Part of the Studies in Global Science Fiction book series (SGSF)


This chapter addresses the sf trope of human contact with extraterrestrials and sf’s usefulness as a metaphor for critical narratives of colonization in Sylvie Bérard’s novel Terre des Autres (2004; Of Wind and Sand, 2008) and Francine Pelletier’s trilogy Le sable et l’acier (1997–1998; Sand and Steel). These novels depict the oppression and inequality inherent in any form of colonization. At the same time, they offer a parcel of hope as they depict small groups of people working together to bridge the gap between different groups and species who come into contact with each other in the colonial setting.


Science fiction from Québec (sfq) Sylvie Bérard Terre des Autres Le sable et l’acier Francine Pelletier Colonialism 


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