Organizational and Methodological Providing of Financial and Economic Activity of Non-profit Organizations in the Sphere of Housing Services

  • O. ZhitlukhinaEmail author
  • M. Iashchuk
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Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 138)


The desire of citizens to control the process of managing operation of the housing stock contributed to the development of self-government in the housing sector and the emergence of non-profit organizations such as: homeowners’ associations, housing cooperatives and condominiums. The absence of sectoral methods of accounting and analysis of financial and economic activity forces non-profit organizations of the housing sector to apply methods used by commercial enterprises, which, in turn, may not always be applicable to the specifics of their activities. The purpose of the article is to improve the organizational and methodological providing of financial and economic activities of non-profit organizations in the housing sector. The article defines the main problems faced by non-profit organizations in the organization of accounting and analytical process and the formation of reporting information. To solve these problems, an integrated assessment is proposed, which combines an assessment of the legal nature of the activities, the technical condition of the housing stock and the overall financial standing of non-profit organizations. This assessment allows estimating all aspects of the work of non-profit organization and increases the control function of accounting and analytical process. The article also presents a modification of indicators of financial and economic activity with considering the specifics of the activities of non-profit organizations. In general, the proposed recommendations will contribute to improving the quality of the information received, which meets such requirements as completeness, reliability, accessibility and analytics.


Non-profit organizations Housing services Apartment house management Financial and economic activity Financial reporting 


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