The Development of Sociology in Russia: Methodological Positions and Praxeological Meanings

  • N. BaidakovaEmail author
  • O. Tarasova
Conference paper
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The article highlights the actual question of the origin, development and purpose of sociology in Russian society, its cognitive functions. Issues related to the subject of sociology, the search for methodological positions, principles and praxiological meanings are covered. The general historical aspects of science formation are considered from the point of view of conceptual approaches, traditions, knowledge, methods developed by joint efforts of sociologists. The authors set historical and sociological emphases, point out the originality of reasons for highlighting the processes of the formation of sociology in Russia as an independent scientific discipline, and note its role and significance. Being a part of a global process, Russian sociological thought has made a significant contribution to the development of world science. It has special features and original theories that reflect the features of the socio-political life in Russia, the state of social and philosophical sciences and the forms of their spiritual reflection in the self-consciousness of Russian rights. Sociological thought in Russian State arose due to the ideological aspiration to improve the personality and society and continues to be relevant today for the global, planetary development of humankind. Russian sociology was characterized in many respects by the fact that it had a humanistic orientation - an appeal to a person as to a creator, an active participant in transformations in society, the creator of a new reality.


Sociological research Development of sociology Subject of sociology History of sociology Methodological positions 


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