Regional Peculiarities and Differentiation of Socio-Economic Development of the North-East of Russia

  • T. EgorovaEmail author
  • A. Delakhova
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 138)


The North-East of Russia is one of the most extensive and specific macro-regions of the Russian Federation. The definition of regional specific features is of great important for theory and practice of the regional economy. The aim of the research is to give a modern interpretation of the determination of the given concept using general scientific system analysis methods, methods of statistical analysis and synthesis. The economic and geographic, business, as well as social and economic specific features have initial and production character, and also discover the presence of horizontal and vertical interconnections. Employing the analogue method of their influence on the development of economy and scientific-technical progress, it was determined that about 2/3 of regional social labor expenses per unit of manufactured product and major construction is connected with the business retardation of North-East. It is established that most of the unfavorable regional characteristics are of a relatively temporary nature, which, in the process of economic development and scientific and technological progress, can change or even disappear. This long-lasting dynamic process of regional socio-economic development policy can be regulated with the application of special methods of strategic planning and innovation development policy.


North-East of russia Living standards Regional economics Macro-region Differentiation Regional specific features 



Article was prepared within the framework of performing base part of the state task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to institutions of higher education in terms of realization scientific researches in the North-Eastern Federal University on the project «Development of the theory and methodology of a spatial organization of socio-economic systems of the Northern region» (Project 26.8327.2017/8.9).


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