The Blind Moondial Makers: Creativity and Renewal in Wicca

  • Léon A. van Gulik
Part of the Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic book series (PHSWM)


Wicca evolves—and so does the scholarship devoted to it. Studies of its history and its myriad manifestations may be complemented by social scientific approaches that explain its inner workings and the impact of the sociocultural context. In this day and age, for instance, rather than merely trying to comprehend their lives in the “grand scheme of things”, many practitioners employ religious myth and symbolism for self-expression and identity construction. A postmodern movement par excellence, Wicca encourages its followers to generate new forms of ritual, cultivate their imagination, and directly experience the divine order. There is, then, something inherently creative about Wicca. Deriving from fieldwork conducted among Wiccans in the Low Countries, this chapter explores how the transactions between individual believers, the collective of peers and gatekeepers, and the cultural repository of Wicca contribute to religious renewal, and how, in turn, the practitioners themselves are changed in the process.

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  • Léon A. van Gulik
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