Ken’en zuihitsu 蘐園随筆 (“Jottings from the Miscanthus Garden”), Ken’en jippitsu 蘐園十筆 (“Ten Writings from the Miscanthus Garden”)

  • Takayama Daiki 
Part of the Tetsugaku Companions to Japanese Philosophy book series (TCJP, volume 2)


Sorai wrote Ken’en zuihitsu in the days when he still was a follower of Zhu Xi. It was printed in Shōtoku 4 (1714). The issues taken up in this book are many and various, but a great many of its pages are devoted to criticism of Itō Jinsai 伊藤仁斎 (1627–1705). Therefore, it drew the attention of such followers of Zhu Xi as Takeda Shun’an 竹田春庵 (1661–1745; KGS 2692) and Yabu Shin’an 藪慎庵 (1688–1744; KGS 4555), who regarded it as a book that refuted Jinsai’s teachings. In his later years, Sorai regretted as immature that he wrote a polemical book that was inspired by feelings of enmity against Jinsai.


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