Lipofilling in Aesthetic Surgery: Indications, Outcomes, and Complications

  • Joan FontdevilaEmail author
  • Ariel Marshall


Lipofilling in aesthetic surgery has overcome the reluctance to its use in few years, from the convincement that it was not a reliable technique, to euphoria in its use as the main or secondary actor in many surgeries. In the facial area nowadays, it is essential, and in the breast and buttocks surgery, it is taking the place of the implants, until now considered the standard. Grafting fatty tissue is now considered every time that we perform a blepharoplasty, face lift, and breast surgery, something that was unimaginable at the beginning of this century. The regenerative properties of this procedure help the surgeon to achieve the objectives in secondary surgeries or when the local conditions are not the best to use the classic techniques unsupported with the fatty tissue addition. Complications are rare, being the usual concern the impossibility to achieve the desired result in those procedures where the main objective is the volume. For those patients looking for a very noticeable volume change, synthetic materials still are an option, being the lipofilling the best option for those looking for real natural results.


Fatty tissue Fat grafting Lipofilling Fat transference Aesthetic surgery Tissue regeneration 


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