Lipofilling in Reconstructive Surgery: Indications, Outcomes, and Complications

  • Joan FontdevilaEmail author


Indications of lipofilling in the field of the reconstructive surgery are constantly increasing, covering almost all the body areas and much different pathologies. Additionally to the volume and thickness increase, the most important in reconstruction is the antifibrotic effect obtained with its use. This way of grafting autologous tissue let us in some instances to avoid the use of synthetic implantable materials, avoiding their inconveniences. As any other surgical technique, successful outcomes rely on a good indication because lipofilling has a limited ability to provide volume, and for high volume requirements this can only be provided by successive procedures. Immediate reconstruction of some defects cannot be performed with lipofilling because the graft needs some weeks to vascularize and stabilize, and if we are looking for an immediate coverage of a defect, flaps still are a more convenient option. Although are not frequent, complications can also appear, the most specific of this procedure are the esteatonecrosis and the oily cist, which can be prevented performing a precise technique and with appropriate indications.


Fat grafting Lipofilling Fat transference Fibrosis Reconstructive surgery Regeneration Breast reconstruction 


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