NADEEM: A Novel Reliable Data Delivery Routing Protocol for Underwater WSNs

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In this research work, we propose three schemes: neighbor node approaching distinct energy efficient mates (NADEEM), fallback approach NADEEM (FA-NADEEM) and transmission adjustment NADEEM (TA-NADEEM). In NADEEM, immutable forwarder node selection is avoided with the help of three distinct selection parameters. Also, void hole is avoided using fallback recovery mechanism to deliver data successfully at the destination. Moreover, transmission range is dynamically adjusted to resume greedy forwarding among the network nodes. The neighbor node is only eligible to become forwarder when it is not a void node. Additionally, linear programming based feasible regions are computed for an optimal energy dissipation and to improve network throughput. Extensive simulations are conducted for three parameters: energy, packet delivery ratio (PDR) and fraction of void nodes. Further, an analysis is performed by varying transmission range and data rate for energy consumption and fraction of void node. The results clearly depict that our proposed schemes outperform the baseline scheme (GEDAR) in terms of energy consumption and fraction of void nodes.


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