Water Prophecy from the Wadi: River-Rites, Fish-Signs, and Rain-Promises

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Continuing the probe of water-ford politics and East bank numinosity, Chapter 8 tracks the Bedouin-trained Baptizer’s itinerary on either side of the Jordan—reinvigorating the Elijah tradition and throwing down a gauntlet to Roman and Jewish elite practices of reengineering water in service of urban bathhouse lifestyles at peasant expense. It will probe Jesus’ furtive lake-crossings, invoking Jonah as sign and offering fish as “saving” food, and culminate in his gender-bending Succoth challenge, as Wisdom incarnate, in John’s gospel, countering Temple-State claims to guarantee field-fertility through tax policy, with an older understanding of rain as wild bounty and water as “living” gift.


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