Water Combat on The Coast: Canaanite Storm-Gods and Israelite Wind-Spirits

  • James W. PerkinsonEmail author


Having fleshed out the politics of water in contemporary Detroit with a thick layering of historical memory rooted in pre-colonial and colonial struggles at the Strait, augmenting indigenous Native approaches with diasporan African wisdom and older Celtic vision, Chapter 6 “crosses back” from these traditions to the biblical corpus. Here the task is one of re-tracing Israelite monotheism back into its older and more indigenous Canaanite ancestry, tracking the way Baal-traditions of a Storm-God battle with a Sea-Serpent broadly fund representations of Yahweh-Elohim’s potency as a Mountain Deity wielding Thunder-Weaponry and Rain-Fecundity as hallmarks of divine rule. Reading the Baal myth in its concourse from Sea Battle, through Mountain “Palace” construction, to Seasonal Struggle with Drought and Death, will open toward a question of the meteorological memory so codified—perhaps dating to climate change in the Younger Dryas period, or perhaps marking the advent of agriculture as a new lifeway in the Fertile Crescent.


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