RoScan 2.0 - Multispectral Hi-Resolution Scanner

  • Ludek ZaludEmail author
  • Petra Kalvodova
  • Frantisek Burian
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11472)


The main aim of this paper is to describe novel hi-resolution multispectral scanning device for various purposes called RoScan 2.0, developed by our team at Brno University of Technology. It is a successor of RoScan 1.0 and Orpheus-X4 multispectral scanning head. The main difference comparing to RoScan 1.0 is its ability to scan in all used spectra concurrently and the ability to use more sources of physical movement for the sensory head. This means many technical and scientific challenges needed to be solved to make the device useable. Currently two positioning devices are developed a linear actuator and 2-DOF (degree of freedom) rotational manipulator, both with high precision and resolution.

Hardware of RoScan 2.0 is described, as well as calibration process necessary for fast, precise and reliable multispectral measurement of different objects. The problem of common field-of-view vs. resolution, and its impact to thermal imager and color camera depth-of-focus is mentioned.


Laser scanning Multispectral Thermal imaging CCD camera 



This work was also supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the project TE01020197 – ‘CAK III - Centre for Applied Cybernetics’.


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  • Petra Kalvodova
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  • Frantisek Burian
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