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Novelization in Decolonization, or, Postcolonialism Reconsidered

  • Peter Hitchcock
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Globalization, Culture and Society book series (PSGCS)


This chapter considers the role of fiction in continuing the work of decolonization. It problematizes this relationship in several ways by, for instance, invoking the theory of Mikhail Bakhtin on the concept of novelization, examining Edward Said’s critique of orientalism, and rethinking the tensions between postcolonialism and globalization as currently construed. The fate of the nation, nationhood, and nationalism is a significant subtext of the analysis and is particularly informative regarding the literary examples provided: Giannina Braschi’s (United States of Banana. Amazon Crossing, Las Vegas, 2011) and Susan Abulhawa’s (Mornings in Jenin. Bloomsbury, New York, 2006). These novels do not exemplify a solution to the dilemmas of the state that decolonization faces, but they do accentuate the role of imagination in such struggle and the ways it may be inscribed.

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