Analysis of the Error Rate in Electrometers for Smart Grid Metering

  • Josef Horalek
  • Vladimir SobeslavEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11432)


The following article deals with the analysis of electrometers used for remote data acquisition in dependence on the protocols used and their error rate. The analysis is based on the real data from the specific sample of smart meters, which proportionally represent actual population on the device side. During the research, real communication of the smart grid control center with chosen meter types using different protocols for the given reading was surveyed. Types of the stored data were described, as well as the system of their collection and the analysis results from several viewpoints. The analysis focused on error rates of meters according to used transfer protocols VDEW, DLMS, and SCTM, and the measuring was underway continuously for a 4-month period. The results of the analysis, including detailed measuring process throughout the whole period, are important leads in AMR system development and its gradual integration into Smart Grid networks.


Smart metering Smart grid Power distribution Control systems GPRS SCTM VDEW DLMS 


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