Lapidus HAV Correction

  • W. Bret Smith
  • B. Collier Watson
  • Christopher W. Reb


When Paul Lapidus described his technique for arthrodesis of the 1st TMT (tarsometatarsal) joint in 1934, he was building on the work of others (most notably Albrecht and Truslow. Lapidus felt that the basis of the hallux abducto valgus deformity was centered at the TMT joint and was related to hypermobility. The recommendations by Dr. Lapidus at the time were to take down and prepare the 1st TMT joint as well as the interspace between the 1st and 2nd MT (metatarsal). Correction was to address the transverse and sagittal deformities and fixate the joint in the new position.


Hallux valgus Bunion Arthrodesis Tarsometatarsal Pronation Triplane 


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  • B. Collier Watson
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  • Christopher W. Reb
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