Naviculocuneiform Joint Fusion

  • Jeffrey E. McAlister
  • Roberto A. Brandão
  • Bryan Van Dyke
  • Maria Romano McGann
  • Christopher F. Hyer


Many pathological deformities affect the midfoot joints including pes planovalgus, pes cavus, and Charcot neuroarthropathy. These joints are susceptible to primary and post-traumatic arthritic changes secondary to chronic instability or traumatic degeneration. The naviculocuneiform joint plays a unique role in midfoot articulations and maintenance of the medial longitudinal arch. The navicular itself can be prone to stress fractures and subsequent avascular process that contributes to damage of the articulating cuneiform surfaces. A common treatment for degenerative arthritis of the naviculocuneiform joint is arthrodesis. This chapter highlights the morphology recognition and fusion techniques that can be utilized for a successful arthrodesis of the naviculocuneiform joint.


Midfoot joint arthritis Navicular stress fracture Avascular necrosis Midfoot fault Naviculocuneiform 


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