Creating CMDI-Profiles for Textbook Resources

  • Francesca FallucchiEmail author
  • Hennicke Steffen
  • Ernesto William De Luca
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 846)


This paper analyses the establishment of a common infrastructure standard covering metadata, content, and inferred knowledge to allow collaborative work between researchers in the humanities. Interoperability between heterogeneous resources and services is the key for a properly functioning infrastructure. In this paper, we present a digital infrastructure of our textbook-related services and data, which are available and open for researchers worldwide. In this process we adhere to established standards and provide APIs for other services. In order to integrate our resources and tools into the CLARIN infrastructure and make them discoverable in the VLO (Virtual Language Observatory), we decided to use CMDI (Component MetaData Infrastructure). We focus in this paper on the creation process for a CMDI metadata profile which fulfils the needs of our projects.


Component MetaData Infrastructure (CMDI) VLO (Virtual Language Observatory) CLARIN Textbook Metadata for language resources Digital humanities 


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