Treatment Failures of ROP Disease



This chapter shows several case reports about treatment failures of ROP disease from the authors’ clinics.


Pediatric retinal diseases ROP Case reports Treatment failures 

Supplementary material

Video 28.1

RE ROP stage 4A with exudates (WMV 58632 kb)

Video 28.2

ROP with exudates fellow eye (WMV 32509 kb)

Video 28.3

Bilateral vitrectomy for ROP stage 4A and 4B (short) (WMV 7082 kb)

Video 28.4

ROP redetachment_short (WMV 2889 kb)

Video 28.5

ROP4A redetachment (WMV 36590 kb)

Video 28.6

ROP stage 4B with exudates (WMV 12134 kb)

Video 28.7

Bilateral ROP stage 4 A with exudates (long) (WMV 69240 kb)

Video 28.8

Bilateral ROP stage 4 A with exudates (short) (WMV 14196 kb)

Video 28.9

Tractional detachment secondary to fibrovascular membranes (WMV 101196 kb)

Video 28.10

Removal of encircling band (WMV 30595 kb)

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