Percutaneous Biopsies: Clinical and Radiological Aspects

  • Norma Medicis Maranhão
  • Selma di Pace Bauab
  • Beatriz Maranhão Miranda


The applicability of percutaneous biopsies is to define the cytological or histological structure of palpable or impalpable lesions, enabling a non-surgical diagnosis of mammary lesions. The histological result plays a major role in surgical planning, and the complementary immunohistochemical study offers a prominent definition of prognostic factors and adjuvant treatment and afterward the classification of the biological tumor profile.

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  • Norma Medicis Maranhão
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  • Selma di Pace Bauab
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  • Beatriz Maranhão Miranda
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  2. 2.RadiologyMama Imagem ClinicSão José do Rio PretoBrazil

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