Introduction to Musculoskeletal Infections

  • Jacques L. D’Astous
  • William James Harrison


Musculoskeletal infections are a common cause of disability in economically underdeveloped regions. Their management is challenging owing to the usual delayed or neglected mode of presentation and limitation of available resources. Plain radiographs are often the only imaging at hand, laboratory services and infectious disease consultation may be deficient, and only a limited number of antibiotics may be available. Challenges include not only eradicating the infection but also managing other orthopedic complications such as joint destruction, bone loss, pathological fracture, angular deformities, and limb length discrepancy. The importance of nutritional supplementation as an adjunct in the treatment of all infections cannot be overemphasized as patients are often malnourished at baseline, reducing the effectiveness of their immune systems.

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  • Jacques L. D’Astous
    • 1
  • William James Harrison
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  1. 1.Department of OrthopedicsShriners HospitalSalt Lake CityUSA
  2. 2.Department of Trauma & OrthopedicsCountess of Chester NHS Foundation TrustChesterUK

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