Operative Management of Bile Duct Injury in the Presence of Prior Roux-en-Y

  • Mihir M. Shah
  • Alisha Gupta
  • Juan M. SarmientoEmail author


With the proliferation of bariatric surgery, there is a need to learn “the new anatomy” in these patients and the possible scenarios surgeons could face when foregut surgery is indicated. In particular, some cases of bile duct injuries after laparoscopic cholecystectomy (and any biliary reconstruction) could occur in this population; thus a whole armamentarium of techniques are needed accordingly to manage this problem. Although it is important to know the bariatric technique used previously in each patient beforehand, this chapter presents the current surgical techniques that are critical to know in this setting.


Bile duct injury Roux-en-Y Hepaticoduodenostomy Hepaticojejunostomy 


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  • Juan M. Sarmiento
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