Strategic Decision Making and Information Management in the Agrifood Sector

  • Maria KamariotouEmail author
  • Fotis Kitsios
  • Michael Madas
  • Vicky Manthou
  • Maro Vlachopoulou
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 953)


In recent years, many economic, technological and societal changes have transformed the agrifood sector. Such transformations significantly influence the entire food processing chain which includes agricultural production, food processing and distribution of food to customers. As Supply Chain Management (SCM) emphasizes on seeing the whole supply chain as one system, Decision Support Systems (DSSs) are Information Systems that help managers in logistics to identify the most effective processes with the highest strategic impact on the logistics that have to be implemented. Managers try to deal with the current complex environment using the Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) process. The purpose of this chapter is to propose a strategic DSS model based on the strategic management process and the SISP process to provide a holistic approach to effective decision making in logistics in the agrifood sector. The proposed model is based on the strategic process of DSSs and it involves the phases which are based on the formulation of business and IT strategy.


Strategic information systems planning Strategic management Logistics Decision support systems Business strategy Agrifood 


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