Esophageal Occlusion: Role of Chemoradiation Therapy

  • Caroline E. MurphyEmail author
  • David PadroEmail author


Esophageal occlusion due to esophageal cancer is thankfully a rare occurrence. However, when it does present, it usually means there is advanced disease making surgical resection less effective. As such, there is a role for chemo and radiation therapies to treat the obstructing lesion as well as the systemic and locally advanced disease. In the case of metastatic disease, it can be used for palliation. For earlier or resectable disease, it can be used as neoadjuvant therapy to make a surgical cure more possible. The following chapter will discuss the indications, limitations, and timing for the use of chemo and radiation therapy for esophageal occlusions caused by malignancy.


Esophageal occlusion Esophageal cancer Chemoradiation 


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