Experimental Tests on the Wave-Induced Response of a Tension Leg Platform Supporting a 5 MW Wind Turbine

  • L. RiefoloEmail author
  • M. Vardaroglu
  • A. M. Avossa
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 27)


Floating offshore wind turbines are complex dynamic structures, and the analysis of their environmental loads requires experimental test investigations. This paper aims to provide the experience gained from wave basin experiments performed at the Danish Hydraulic Institute on a floating wind turbine Tension Leg Platform within the framework of the EU-Hydralab IV Integrated Infrastructure Initiative. Froude-scaled model was subjected to regular waves and steady wind loads. Measurements were taken of hydrodynamics, displacements and wave induced forces at the mooring lines. First, free vibration and hammer tests were performed to obtain the natural frequencies of the floating motions and tower elastic behaviour, respectively. Then, displacements, rotations, and forces were measured under regular waves and parked and rated wind conditions. Spectral analyses were carried out to investigate the dynamic response of TLP wind turbine. The results show that most of the dynamic response occurs at the wave frequency and natural frequencies.


Floating wind turbine TLP Experimental tests Free decay tests Dynamic analyses 


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