Getting Reimbursed for Digital Health

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Reimbursement should not be an afterthought when developing a digital health service it should be thought of early in the development process to be successful. Successful reimbursement can be a key driver to the success of your digital health product. Obtaining insurance reimbursement from a commercial payer or Medicare may seem complicated and/or an obstacle too difficult and cumbersome to overcome. Developing a reimbursement strategy can be the answer to solving your products reimbursement struggles or paving the way to early success. Do not make the dreaded error of waiting until after your 501(k) submission to start thinking about reimbursement by this time it may be too late. The three elements to any successful reimbursement strategy are coding, coverage, and payment. Understanding how these elements are built individually and function together will assist you in creating a winning reimbursement strategy.


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