Introduction to Digital Health Entrepreneurship

  • Sharon Wulfovich
  • Arlen Meyers
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We are entering the new digital era of medicine where telemedicine, virtual reality, robotics, smartphones, and other technological advancements are slowly becoming part of regular healthcare practices. Digital health technology offers a way to change many of the current issues that the U.S. healthcare system faces. However, there is an urgent need for entrepreneurs, both in the healthcare field and non-related fields, to challenge the status quo, work together and forge ahead. Digital health entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity under conditions of uncertainty with the goal of creating user defined value through the deployment of digital health innovations. The goal is to transform the medical field—improving patient outcomes, increasing quality of health care, improving the health professional experience and reducing costs. This book provides an overview of a large variety of topics ranging from artificial intelligence to regulatory affairs in digital health with the aim of helping digital health technologists, entrepreneurs, health care providers, investors, service providers and other stakeholders transform the healthcare system. This chapter will provide an overview of some of the drivers, trends, barriers and importance of digital health entrepreneurship.


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