Ultrasound Anatomy of the Head and the Neck

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The detection of pathological neck masses using ultrasound requires excellent familiarity with the physiological anatomy of the neck. Therefore this chapter presents the neck regions of the healthy individual, including the medial and the lateral neck compartments, the salivary glands, and the pharynx and larynx.


Ultrasound anatomy Medial neck compartment Lateral neck compartment Submandibular gland Parotid gland Sublingual gland Blood vessels Color-coded ultrasound Doppler ultrasound Head and neck muscles Normal thyroid gland 

Supplementary material

Video 3.1

Basic adjustment of the ultrasound device (WMV 17194 kb)

Video 3.2

The thyroid gland (WMV 8802 kb)

Video 3.3

The upper esophagus (WMV 54853 kb)

Video 3.4

The larynx (WMV 109368 kb)

Video 3.5

A valve in the internal jugular vein (MP4 9286 kb)

Video 3.6

Left common carotid artery, pulsed-wave (pw) Doppler (MP4 42320 kb)

Video 3.7

Left internal and external carotid artery, pw Doppler (MP4 42855 kb)

Video 3.8

B-Scan of the left vertebral artery (MP4 18817 kb)

Video 3.9

Left vertebral artery, pw Doppler (MP4 18817 kb)

Video 3.10

The submandibular gland and the tonsillar region (WMV 1794 kb)

Video 3.11

The mouth floor (WMV 23679 kb)

Video 3.12

The tongue (WMV 33305 kb)

Video 3.13

The tongue and tongue base (WMV 12272 kb)


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