CPS in a Large Multiservice Organization: A Case Study

  • Katherine G. PeatrossEmail author
  • Kathleen A. McNamara
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Youth Villages, a national youth-serving organization with thousands of employees across 14 states, has implemented Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) as its unifying clinical approach. In this chapter, the reader is provided with information about the use of CPS at Youth Villages as well as key strategies that Youth Villages staff used when implementing CPS organization-wide.


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Supplementary material

Video 6.1

Listen in on a conversation in which author Katherine G. Peatross asks Dr. Tim Goldsmith, Chief Clinical Officer at Youth Villages, about his decision to adopt CPS at Youth Villages. Hear the two discuss the ways in which Youth Villages staff have worked with Dr. J. Stuart Ablon, Director of Think:Kids, to ensure successful implementation in this national organization (MP4 896823 kb)

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