Cartilage Defects of the Patellofemoral Joint

  • Yaser Ghani
  • James Donaldson


Chondral lesions are common in the knee as a whole and the patellofemoral joint in particular. They present a challenge, often being present in young, high-demand patients, and patellofemoral lesions tend to fare poorly with traditional techniques of cartilage restoration. Whilst a number of techniques exist for cartilage restoration, there remains debate as to which has the most reproducible results. Whichever technique is used, a detailed history, examination and investigation are of prime importance. In particular, the identification and correction of pre-existing malalignment is vital if good results are to be achieved. This chapter outlines the clinical assessment, imaging examinations and surgical techniques for cartilage restoration in the patellofemoral joint and provides evidence for their use.


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