Driving the Innovation Ecosystem and the Startup

  • Suresh K. Sharma
  • Karl E. Meyer


All ventures have beginnings, middles and ends. Solving the innovation logjam will mean moving innovations and inventions more quickly through the process of development into product. In this chapter, we start the process of explaining how to make this happen. Industrializing innovation starts with understanding startups.

Remarkably, there exists no great body of work on this. What makes this so interesting is the fact that people attempt to build innovation ecosystems and found new startup ventures all over the world. Innovation Ecosystems are basic to the expanding prosperity of the innovation economy and yet little material attempts to describe this process. If the stages of a startup are not methodical described, innovation ecosystems become difficult to evaluate and measure.

Measurement may seem simple, but it is an essential first step on the progression of improving a process. If you can measure something with accuracy, you can improve it. Measurement and improvement are so tightly linked that the process is fundamental in most manufacturing processes. While starting a venture is not an industrial process, if we wish to make this process repeatable and improve its quality, we must have a ready means of measurement.

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