An Analysis of the Gimballed Horizontal Pendulum System for Use as a Rotary Vibrational Energy Harvester

  • D. SequeiraEmail author
  • J. Little
  • B. P. Mann
Conference paper
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This paper examines a gimballed horizontal pendulum for use as an energy harvester. It can be designed for threshold escape behavior rather than the conventional method of matching frequencies. A nonlinear electromechanical model is developed to study the system’s equilibrium states as a function of tilt angle. Bifurcation diagrams are generated to illustrate these equilibria and their associated stability. A bifurcation point is solved for analytically and the implications for an energy harvester, one that can be designed to jump across stable attractors based on forcing amplitudes, are discussed.


Nonlinear energy harvester Bifurcation analysis Bistable system Electromechanical Attractors 



This research was supported by both the Link Foundation and Duke University. We thank both of these organizations for the invaluable funding and resource contributions they provided.


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material SciencePratt School of Engineering, Duke UniversityDurhamUSA

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