LDM: Lineage-Aware Data Management in Multi-tier Storage Systems

  • Pratik MishraEmail author
  • Arun K. Somani
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 69)


We design and develop LDM, a novel data management solution to cater the needs of applications exhibiting the lineage property, i.e. in which the current writes are future reads. In such a class of applications, slow writes significantly hurt the over-all performance of jobs, i.e. current writes determine the fate of next reads. We believe that in a large scale shared production cluster, the issues associated due to data management can be mitigated at a way higher layer in the hierarchy of the I/O path, even before requests to data access are made. Contrary to the current solutions to data management which are mostly reactive and/or based on heuristics, LDM is both deterministic and pro-active. We develop block-graphs, which enable LDM to capture the complete time-based data-task dependency associations, therefore use it to perform life-cycle management through tiering of data blocks. LDM amalgamates the information from the entire data center ecosystem, right from the application code, to file system mappings, the compute and storage devices topology, etc. to make oracle-like deterministic data management decisions. With trace-driven experiments, LDM is able to achieve 29–52% reduction in over-all data center workload execution time. Moreover, by deploying LDM with extensive pre-processing creates efficient data consumption pipelines, which also reduces write and read delays significantly.


Lineage Storage Hadoop Hard Disk Drives HDD Solid State Drives SSD Data management 


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