Real Time Multiuser-MIMO Beamforming/Steering Using NI-2922 Universal Software Radio Peripheral

  • Aliyu Buba AbdullahiEmail author
  • Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha
  • Akram Hammoudeh
  • Leshan Uggalla
  • Jon Eastment
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 69)


Exponential growth in wireless service subscription and its corresponding data traffic prediction poses a threat to the current 4G system; this triggered next generation wireless system (5G) research to improve system data rate and the overall network capacity thus, gained attention. In addition to the high data rates, other key features essential for successful system deployment were proposed and addressed towards 5G framework using various disruptive technologies. These include: the millimeter-Wave, massive-MIMO, beamforming-beamsteering, and Heterogeneous Network. These features further prompt, reexamining the system design and performance trade-offs with the existing 4G wireless system. This article presents the system design, implementation, hardware prototyping for 5G system beamforming/beamsteering. Hardware prototyping uses National Instrument Software Defined Radio (NI USRP 2922) and array antenna for system performance analysis. Results obtained show improved performance with increasing antenna.


5G MIMO Beamforming/beamsteering EVM BER USRP SDR 

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  • Aliyu Buba Abdullahi
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    Email author
  • Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha
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  • Akram Hammoudeh
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  • Leshan Uggalla
    • 1
  • Jon Eastment
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  1. 1.Wireless and Optoelectronic Research Group (WORIC)University of South WalesCardiffUK
  2. 2.Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT)Delegação de Leiria, ESTG, Polytechnic Institute of LeiriaLeiriaPortugal
  3. 3.Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of EngineeringThe Federal Polytechnic MubiMubiNigeria
  4. 4.Science and Technology Facilities CouncilSwindonUK

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