Surgical Lead for the Thoracic Spine

  • Geoffrey Stricsek
  • Steven Falowski


Spinal cord stimulation is a therapeutic modality for the treatment of chronic pain supported by high-quality evidence. There are many different stimulation options available for the patient and practitioner: conventional stimulation, high-frequency stimulation, burst stimulation, and high-density stimulation. These treatment options can also be dichotomized into paresthesia-generating versus paresthesia-free. All patients treated with spinal cord stimulation first undergo a trial to evaluate response to treatment. If the trial is successful, the patient can move forward with permanent implantation. Spinal cord stimulation also has some indications outside of chronic pain.


Spinal cord stimulation Chronic pain Surgical technique Paresthesia-generating spinal cord stimulation Paresthesia-free spinal cord stimulation 

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